Diane Van De Ven Success Story

Why did you decide to buy?

My husband and I were downsizing our home in Fairfax, VA and preparing for retirement. We were focused on purchasing a home in Fayetteville, PA and were working with a realtor at Penn National for quite some time. At the behest of our children, who wanted us to live closer, we contacted Andrea Staples to check out some properties in Fredericksburg. She first showed us some properties at Celebrate which were inadequate for our needs. In the meantime, we found a resale home in PA in which we were interested and mentioned it to Andrea in one of our conversations. We had lots of questions concerning the property and Andrea offered to do some research and check it out for us. We were so impressed with her kindness and desire to help us despite the fact that PA was not in her commission area. We went up to PA to see this property and quickly saw that there were issues. However, while we were there, our PA realtor urged us to see a new home. We liked it but were not head over heels in love with it. Neither were we enamored with our Realtor. She could not hold a candle to Andrea‚Äôs winsome personality, kindness and integrity. 

Our home in Fairfax sold quickly and we had a short time to find our new home so that settlement dates could coincide. While we were in negotiations for this new home in PA, we spent a Saturday with Andrea and our children to look at properties in Virginia Heritage. We all fell in love with the Abingdon model, which was everything we wanted and more. So in a 24-hour period, we moved from negotiations on a new home in PA to negotiations on our home in Fredericksburg. Andrea, with her kindness and patience, prevented us from making a huge mistake. We absolutely love our home, the Virginia Heritage Community, and the extended outer community that offers everything you need in close proximity, such as restaurants, food markets, shopping, hospitals, excellent doctors, etc.



Why Andrea Staples?

Andrea Staples went above and beyond to help us. She displayed the utmost kindness, integrity and patience, unlike another agent we were using to locate a property in Pennsylvania. Andrea even unselfishly did some research on a property in Pennsylvania in which we were interested. We were so appreciative and actually prayed that God would bless her and return to her tenfold the blessing she was to us.

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How did Andrea prepare you to buy a home?

Andrea possessed the expertise in the 55+ communities and knew exactly what to show us and where. She could easily answer all our questions, and, if she did not have the answers, she reliably researched and provided answers to us. She also gave us recommendations for different reliable vendors that she and other realtors have used. Andrea prepared us well for closing and provided all the information we needed. She also interacted with the agent we had in Fairfax for the sale of our home so that closings could coincide.

What was the most memorable part of your experience?

Andrea understood that we had been looking in Fayetteville, PA for a retirement home. She also understood that our children wanted us to live closer to them in Fredericksburg. We were drawn to Andrea because of her kindness, understanding, expertise, integrity and so much more and continually praise God that we did not make a dreadful mistake and wind up in PA. Andrea herself was the most memorable part.


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about?

Andrea never shrunk back from anything we asked of her. She was so helpful to take the lead in the negotiation process and always had our best interests at heart. Her confidence and expertise alleviated any stress.

Diane's advice for you:

I would highly recommend they use Andrea as she is thoroughly familiar with this area and would offer the best representation. We highly recommend Virginia Heritage Community. The homes are beautifully built; the community is beautifully maintained with indoor and outdoor pools, gym, spa, classes, socials and so much more. The area is complete with every manner of restaurant, shopping, churches, hospitals, excellent doctors, etc. Virginia Heritage is also a gated community which gives us an important layer of security. 

We are so grateful to Andrea for helping us to make the most important transition of our lives. Downsizing and preparing our home for sale was nearly a two-year process and one of the most difficult phases of life. Andrea not only found the home and community of our dreams but continued to help us with the closing process, vendors, recommendations, etc. She was always available for questions and had a never-ending supply of patience, kindness, compassion and understanding.

"I would highly recommend they use Andrea as she is thoroughly familiar with this area and would offer the best representation."


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